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Wall Mounting Guide

  1. Locate all of your pieces

    1. 1 assembled headboard (complete headboard assembly guides if necessary prior to doing wall mount)

    2. 1 board with a 45 degree angle cut into it (French cleat)

    3. 1 hardware box

  2. Draw level line as guide for the French cleat. If you have a standard 28.75” headboard and want to leave all but 1.5” of the headboard exposed (a standard overlap), draw the line approximately 19.5” inches up from your mattress top. If you’re dealing with a window above your bed or would like more overlap with your mattress, draw the line 9 inches down from where you want the top of the headboard to be.

  3. Locate wood studs using a stud finder and mark the studs along the line.

  4. If there are not wood studs to drill into, use guide at bottom for recommendations regarding attachment.

  5. Place the bottom of the French cleat (flat side) to be flush with the line you marked. Drill 2.5” screws into the cleat where the studs have been marked. Wood screws have been provided for a standard drywall and wood stud wall. 4-6 screws correctly aimed into the wood studs is sufficient to hold the headboard.

  6. Once done with attachment, pull on French cleat to make sure it is strong.

  7. Lift the headboard and slide it down until the French cleat on the headboard and the French cleat on the wall connect. Double check you have placed them together properly before letting go.


Wall Fastening Recommendations

Drywall Wood Studs: Use wood screws provided or screws of your choice if studs are available. Anchor screws can also be used if desired.

Drywall Metal Studs: Use metal stud screw, thin toggle bolt, or anchor screw.

Plastered Wall: Use wood screws directly into lath.


Please contact us if you need any help!